Solid Rock United Methodist Church
Sunday, December 03, 2023
... building lives on the foundation of Jesus Christ
     We were looking for a fully functional church to be a part of, one with a mission outlook into the community and beyond, one that expected our participation personally and financially in order to further the work of Christ in our midst. Solid Rock is all of those things. Both this church and this community have been very good about welcoming us and including us in their life and heritage.
      We appreciated being able to dress casually, even for worship, and “just be who we are.” Along with that is your willingness to accommodate our special needs for seating.
       Also, we appreciate the formal, liturgical design of the worship service and the relaxed informal way the service is conducted. “Formal informality” is what we called it at the churches we served. There is a structure there; but we feel free to break from that structure and spontaneously respond to opportunities the Spirit of God opens up before us in the moment.       
     We like the opportunities to participate in small group studies and service projects. That’s a draw! 
     I grew up in the church and have attended Solid Rock (and its former name) for my entire life. Many people would assume I go to Solid Rock simply out of habit and to be with my family, but many other aspects of the church positively influence me and encourage me to return. A loving atmosphere persists within Solid Rock thanks to a congregation full of caring, considerate people. I always feel welcome and loved; the church feels like a secondary family. Furthermore the positive atmosphere of Solid Rock is reinforced by a passion to make a powerful Christian impact in our community and beyond through a variety of services and missions. Having many outlets to contribute talents, time, etc. is very inviting and inspiring. I look forward to our recent decision to pursue further growth as a church because I know Solid Rock will always continue to serve as God’s hands and feet. And that is beautiful. 
      When we moved to Warren, we went to many of the churches in town trying to find a new church home. Solid Rock felt like a home for our family from the beginning. When we walked in the door at Solid Rock, we felt welcomed.
     We were looking for a church that had strong children's ministries, a choir, and allowed us to be involved in the church. We were happy to find all of that and more at Solid Rock. We have formed inter-generational  relationships where friendships feel like family. We are able to be involved in a wide variety of aspects of church life from small group studies, administrative council, SOS, choir, and Rock Solid Youth group.